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  • Marchel Eang01. Marchel Eang99.30%
  • Sienna Belić02. Sienna Belić99.02%
  • Marchel Eang03. Marchel Eang98.77%
  • Marchel Eang04. Marchel Eang97.85%
  • Tina-Jane Griesmann05. Tina-Jane Griesmann93.99%
  • Laurren Medford-Stewart06. Laurren Medford-Stewart92.42%
  • Jordan Chapman07. Jordan Chapman92.31%
  • Jordan Chapman08. Jordan Chapman91.84%
  • Michaela Gingell09. Michaela Gingell91.69%
  • Bei Poh10. Bei Poh91.27%

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How to play

To play the game, enter the test screen by clicking on the "Play the game" tab and hover your mouse over the presented image. This will gradually reveal a fashion item as you hover around the picture with your mouse, giving you a useful visual clue about the designer in question.

Once you've managed to determine the designer from the product clue, simply click on your preferred designer option in the list below the image to proceed to the next image test. Each image slide is timed, so you need to be quick if you want to stand out.

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1. The Standard Terms apply to this Competition.

2. The 'Farfetch Guess the Designer Competition' starts at 00:01AM GMT on 13 January 2016, and ends at 11:59PM GMT on 1 February 2016. No entries after this time will be accepted.

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5. There shall be one Prize, and one Prize-winner, for each of clauses 4(i), 4(ii), and 4(iii) of these Competition Terms.

6. You must be 18 or older on 13 January 2016 to enter this Competition.

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